We are respectful towards our competition, but we have heard from our clients many reasons why they choose us.

  • Compared to local Process Engineering consultants:  Consultants with this business model typically need a higher per client revenue to sustain their operation. The total cost using us could end up being 1/3 to 1/2 what a local consultant would charge. You should use them only if you have a very large budget, or you have strict corporate policy against outside vendors.
  • Compared to other Remote Process Engineering Consultants:  We are sized just right. We are big enough that our consultant team can collaborate on tough problems and occasionally scale our operation to deliver large projects quickly. We also are not too big such that your project gets ignored or gets shuffled to a junior employee or outsourced. If a salesperson or “project manager” is your primary contact, then you are not getting the focus you deserve.
  • Compared to Off-shore Resources:  If you have a lot of time, and a very small budget, and are developing something that is not mission critical, and have had success in the past with off-shore resources, then this might be a good idea. But many clients have expressed frustration with their past experiences. They usually call us in to save the day after a long cycle of miscommunication, delays, and buggy work.
  • Compared to In-House Resources:  Our consultants all worked for companies doing the same kind of work before becoming consultants. There is rarely enough consistent need for a dedicated resource with our skillset and efficiency to justify a full time position. We automate analytical and reporting processes and turn full time $100K positions into a $1,000/mo consulting contract.