Turning waste into power: The Plastic to fuel Projects

Plastic to fuel projects are gaining significant traction in the energy industry. There are several constraints regarding the cost-efficiency of these projects. These are: type of acceptable plastic feedstock volume and scale of operation, geographical location of the technology/ deployment area and the value of the product obtained.

Geography is a factor indeed. Plastics to fuel via pyrolysis is only cost-effective in the US is only cost-positive at a scale greater than 55 tons/ day. A number of pyrolysis plants have been successful in Africa, India and China because of the non-availability of cheap crude/ on road fuel.

Similarly the feedstock that can be processed via a particular pyrolysis technology is a crucial design factor. A number of pyrolysis technologies can’t process certain plastics because of the additives that poison the catalyst. PVC is also a problem with many small scale plants because it leads to expensive metallurgy.We recently screened more than 60 plastics to fuel technology providers worldwide for a client to settle on 7 promising candidate technologies. Please get in touch with us at Process Engineering Consulting or call +1-825-365-1687 for a discussion on plastics to fuel.

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