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Techno-economic Experts assessment expertise is of great value to the chemical industry where product and process innovation have been the major drivers. The development and deployment of new technology requires significant investment; it is hence important to develop early assessments on the key technical, economic and environmental barriers and consider their implications on the technology’s success potential. Techno-economic analysis is a tool which captures the best understanding of a technology and transforms it to economic value. The future of the chemical industry will hold many more advances, as research around nanotechnology, fuel-cells, modular reactors and additive manufacturing starts to influence applications. Companies with an innovation edge will have a strong competitive advantage. Techno-economic expertise is a great tool for technology developers and investors aid decision makers on the worth of investing time and money on development, deployment and/or acquisition of a specific technology.
At Process Engineering Consulting, we have highly qualified techno-economic experts available to assist you with techno-economic assessments in matters involving fuels, fuel-additives, chemicals, and virtually all areas of sustainability, emerging technologies, and waste management. By employing software based chemical process simulations, process cost estimations and sustainability indicators from an early stage in the technology development, we are able to quantify technical feasibility of a particular process or technology and outline the optimal path to maximize the commercial viability and positive impact.
Our past projects in techno-economic modeling and assessment have included:
Comparison of different routes for advanced recycling of plastics recycling on the basis of cost, energy, and life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions
Life-cycle cost and environmental impact assessment of hybrid catalytic hydrocarbon fuel pathways (natural gas to chemicals, Fischer Tropsch Processes, Fluid catalytic cracking)
Life-cycle and techno-economic analysis of advanced fuel and bioproduct production routes

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