Chemical Engineering Experts

Chemical Engineering Experts

Chemical Engineering Experts finds applications in many aspects of large-scale industrial processes that convert raw materials into useful chemicals and products such as medicine, fuel, petrochemicals and plastics. Apart from production of chemicals and products, chemical engineering experts are also involved in fields such as waste management, pollution control and resource conservation.

Chemical Engineering Expertise and Due Diligence is a fast developing concept among both industrial and scientific communities, offering a full suite of services for inventors, entrepreneurs and start-ups. For clients in the process of investing in a new technology and needing an unbiased party to help in the assessment of the technology, Process Engineering Consulting has a team of  Chemical Engineering Experts with a proven track record in developing and commercialising technology in fields of chemicals, fuels, energy and biomass.


As a process engineering experts our expertise spans the following areas:

  • Process technology analysis and planning
  • Technological competitiveness analysis
  • Patent research and review
  • Proof-of-concept analysis
  • Commercialization and fair market valuation of new technologies
  • Analysis of competitive positioning and technical screening, evaluation, selection support of licensed and proprietary processes

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